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Boho, Disco, Friends!

These three came to Kendall At Wild Gardens Picnic in Temecula, Ca. for a picnic to enjoy together with some photos. Immediately she contacted me to come and take these photos. I was obsessed with the disco boho style the ladies choose, and Kendall pulled this theme off to a T. I was so happy with how these photos turned out and couldn't be prouder of all the hard work it took.

Work? This session was beyond my norm with the amount of props and extra details this session had. Luckily this is what kendall does and boy did she work her magic. I brought my little pink chair and the rest we unloaded from the back of her mini van. But how did we find all these super awesome props?

Facebook market place played a key roll here with the chair and the side table as unique finds. The cups and record were thrifted. The beads are from target as well as the girls tops. The champagne is from Wilson Creek Winery here in Temecula, Ca. It's always amazing if you can source locally, which is also where the fruits for the picnic came from! The disco balls were a hard one on a budget but I think they were the perfect touch. Amazon next day was a blessing when it came down to the wire finding those bad boys.

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