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  • How many photos will you receive?
    There is always the potential to receive more than the package that you choose includes. With each investment there is a guaranteed number of photos that you will receive. I base this on how long I am at the wedding actively shooting. With more time there is an increased opportunity to get more photos.
  • How will you receive your photos?
    I use the website Pic-Time. It is reliable, efficient, and easy to use. And before I start sounding like a sponsor for them let me just add how this works well for you. #Pic-Time lets you download, share, and purchase prints all while you drool over your beautiful photos.
  • Do you deliver every image you shoot?
    ABSOLUTELY!!.....not. Eks! Girl do you know how many I accidently take of the ground. Ill be hustlin to the best lighting taking pictures of the sidewalk along the way. At the same time.... I will give you everything and some. I don't like to choose smiles so if I took threee of the same pose but with slightly dfferent angles I will include all three. Even thgouhg this is extra editing and not like the most sthetically pleasing on the gallery, I would rather you choose your favotire then be stuck with two options that may be beautiful but will leave you wondering.....
  • Have you shot at my venue before?
    If you include your venue in your discovery call booking I can take a look!
  • Which photographer will be shooting my wedding?
    My, Myself, and I! This is the voice that will be cracking all the dad jokes to get that authentic moment. If you add a second or third shooter to your wedding package you will be able to choose between male and female assistance based on your needs.
  • Do you shoot in JPEG, Small Raw, or Large Raw?"
    Almost too large and soley RAW. For anyone who just came here because it seems like a good question to ask but doesn't know how this is applicable----> Basically I will deliver you a big enough file to be able to print out and hang on your wall from floor to ceiling-IN FOCCUS
  • Do you shoot Quinceaneras, Debutants, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, or Corporate Events?"
    Events are my thing!! Please just reach out to inquire if your date is available.
  • Does your studio do Headshots, Individual Portraits, Family Portraits, Newborn Shoots, or Product Photography?"
    YES! I actually love doing family photos and wait anxiously until october for christmas card photos! I pride myself on every maternity session I have done. I try and communicate with every expecting mother to get the best most flattering session planned. New borns are not my specialty and I only offer them if you have already gotten your maternty photos done by me. I do product photography on request only.
  • Do you touch up all the images on our gallery?
    All photos will be edtied in a consistent way so that it can be downloaded and made into cards, albums, or be published.
  • What do you mean by “touching up” the photos?
    I adjust for lighting, cropping, and minor replacement. An example of this is, if I take the photo a tad dark then easy fix, now if its slightly off center, bam, fixed, now if there are several phones.... That is a slightly different story. I do not remove cellphones from a non-unplugged ceremony. I will soften the bridal parties skin as well as close family memebers. I do not adjust for weight or physical size. That being said, brides, if something underneith slides for a few photos or if its a little extra cold, I will edit this!
  • Will there be a second photographer at my wedding?
    Each of my wedding investment packages are customizable and you will receive the option to add a second, third, fourth, even FIFTh photographer. But don't worry I will help you choose the right amount of additional help and offer suggestions based on your needs.
  • Have a request?
    Please send it on over! During the discovery call I will ask you if you could have one photo to post on social media what would it be? Here you could include any detail requests! Have a nontraditional family? No worries I got you! Before I fumble the bag at your wedding and miss key family members we have extensive calls and questionnaire to go over all the different photos needed!
  • Does your studio provide videography services?
    I do not. I am partnered with a ton of amazing vendors though that I can refer you to!
  • Do you do destination weddings?
    Work Trip What What! For destination weddings I don't charge by the hour but instead by the weekend. Since you will need at least three days, I only reserve these if booked over a year in advance. Please reach out to see if your location and date is still available!
  • Do you provide partial day coverage?
    I do have many different packages so please just reach out and I can see how we can make it work!
  • What if our ceremony is in a different language?
    We will go over how you invision your ceremony photographed so there is no confusion about the shots that are needed. Other then that I actually have bi-lingual in-laws and attend and work ceremonies in a multitude of different languages. Please make me aware, but it will not be an issue!
  • Can we special request based on need?
    For religious, moral, or personal reasons you can special request based on your wedding day needs. If you prefer all female photographers or a male second for your groomsmen that can be arranged! Please just let me know how I can meet your big day requirements.

I very much enjoy being a photographer but I am always learning and adapting.  That being said I love to hear feedback and session hopes so that I can make your vision happen!

To help insure your vision comes to life we have extensive calls and questionnaires in place along your wedding journey.  Leading up to the big day we will address every inspiration, hope, and concern!  

Speaking of inspiration.... 

Pinterest will be our friend but we will also be using HoneyBook to keep all your wedding information in one place for you!  Constant, consistent, and comprehensive communication is my goal as soon as we book together!

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