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Falkner Winery Wedding

Falkner Winery, Temecula California Wedding Photographer

Beautiful wedding with stunning details

I loved all the personal signes that were made for this couple. They made sure that they could see all the photos by the guest by providing a personalized #hastag for everyone to post with. It also made sharing their wedding photos easy by tagging them with this. Acrylic Signs are very popular right now and are the perfect dainty detail.

Planning on writing personal vows? Don't forget your vow books. They make the perfect detail to add with your rings!

This Catholic couple made sure to bring their coins and a cross to hang and bring blessings to their home.

Although the getting ready suite is rather small for the bridal party it was just perfect to get photos.

I am obsessed with this hand painted cake. It perfectly matched the brides bouquet and was the centerpiece at the reception!

The wine barrels in the basement make a really cool space for cocktail hour and getting ready photos for the couple. If your able to I highly recommend getting photos in this space!

Both this bride and groom served in the military. It was an honour to take their photos. The bride is a marine and according to all the speeches a pretty badass one too! All that to say, the groom got the attention in his uniform and deserves that respect but don't forget the bride!!

All the emotions when this military groom started to get teary eyed!

Pouring sand together as a symbol of unity is beautiful and will make a great centerpiece in your home! It is also the quickest of all the ceremonies if you are looking for a big impact in little time.

This bridal party had the brides back (literally) and made sure that her dress was always perfectly laid out. Such a small detail that takes two seconds but makes photos 100% better!

We were able to capture a few couples photos before the sunset and then this stunning silhouette. Just before entering the reception HIT THE STAIRS! You won't regret the extra three minutes it takes because it WILL make a stunning shot.

Don't forget to hit your photo booth! You usually get all the photos digitally as well so you will get the guest photos. But without you in there?!?! Hit the Booth!!

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