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Families Complicated

Let's not make your photos complicated as well...

My family is a lil different. We have known about each other for years but we didn't know each other until this weekend.

Saying no family is perfect is a joke because there's no such thing so... of course we aren't. If our situation was a Facebook status it would be labeled as "Complicated."

Over the weekend of July 12th 2021 the Burns had their reunion. We hadn't seen each-other in eight years. The photographer in me couldn't let this opportunity pass. I got everyone in a color scheme I thought matched our family vibe and got to work. There were 19 people and one furry friend. In this blog I will include how to plan, match, and coordinate your family photos!

But Peyton... How do I get my family matching?!?


Group Texts & Color Schemes

Where to start, where to start... Pinterest! Find your inso photo... Im not talking that one stunning engagement photo that you are really hoping to make happen at the same time;) You want a basic color scheme with body-less outfit visuals. This will help your family understand your vision when you go to group text everyone.

I know this inso pic is a little out of style but you can get the general idea of what you would like people to wear with it and that is exactly what you want.

Now its just getting people to do it!!!!

Whose the main players here? Moms, Dads, Uncles, Aunties, Grandmas, Wives.... Are the main targets when getting together this one massive group chat. Not everyone coming needs a text but their unit leader needs to know what to make sure they wear.

Group Texts... Okay... Get on With It

What to include in this text....

When: Give them the time with 15 minutes for the late comers. Example: Your session is at 4:30, you are going to say they start at 4:15 no exceptions. Don't even joke about it, 4:15 IS THE TIME. That way you won't have a photographer on the clock and you end up either paying extra or possibly not getting the poses you want.

Where: It is PIVOTAL you put the 1) Address & 2) Special Instructions. Instructions need to be given like the person you are telling has no idea the location exists. If there is a $20 parking fee, let people know. If there is a side of the parking lot that is more convenient to park on, let people know. You get the point. But for those who want to be extra... also include a picture of the entrance where people are going to be able to find you.

Colors: This is where you can take that picture you have and let people know the vision. You can include any special instructions here as well. Such as: no patterns, flats only (depending on photoshoot location), grandma where's white, no pink.

END IT NICELY!!!!!! You gotta end on a positive note- You know your family-What is going to make them smile?

Now that you have your text written what next???

SHOT LIST---->Your Photographer should ask... But if they don't take the bull by the horns girl and get er done!

Here are alllll the cousins:) We love each other yada yada yada happy family... Now here's us being a little silly

Taking multiple photos of your groupings is really important. Not only will you need the structure but getting at least one other pose insures someone is going to like how they look. You cant please everyone, but you can change things up photo to photo to try and get at least the ONE!

The more groupings means more time!!!

DO NOT plan 25 poses for 25 minutes!!

You should only plan for what you have time for, ask you photographer, set your expectations. Then plan! Having a shot list and a pen makes every minute count. Heres a few other groupings my family decided to take:

*note-take boyfriends regardless of how long they have been a said boyfriend in an out of photos. YOU WILL THANK ME FOR THIS. Your not excluding you maximizing your photo opportunities!

Yes even our furry friend-Wednesday-came with us!

psssssss there's never too many with the babies! Get these out of the way first. Any young children should go first. This insures they are still happy through the photos!!

Fun Fact: I have lost 103lbs and this guys beside me has supported me every pound down.

My grandmas still got it;)

I can't wait to see your family photos! Please tag me @photographyasyouwish if this blog helped:)

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