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Lake Fulmor California

Southern California has mountains and Beaches but I think my favorite nook of the two of is Lake Fulmor. It is so beautiful and can't be matched in was of use. Typically you have to hike to get views like these, but not here. The parking lot is two lanes away from the "trail" entrance. As soon as you step over the lines dividing the lanes you can pretty much start taking photos. I even sneak a brave few into the street. There is a sharp turn so I would be cautious with who I photograph on the road. The walk around the lake looks endless but the walk is suprisingly short. Being about a 1/2 mile in its entirety even families won't tire before the end of the session. Golden hour is about 30/45 minutes before sunset is projected to be. Don't forget your parking pass as you head up the hill. There is a rest stop that sells them on either side of Idyllwild and you can even find them in town. I recommend getting the yearly pass so that you can go back a bunch of times (I promise you will fall in love).

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