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Budget Friendly Brides-6/16/2021

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

1. Your Flowers!

I have worked with some amazing florists and would never want to take away from that. That being said... flowers can take up a huge part of your budget. An alternate is to use wooden flowers. There are several vendors in the Murrieta/Temecula area that are very talented. I have worked with Sola wood flowers and LOVED their work. Not only did they look very realistic but they give an extra little rustic feel to your wedding. You can also save even more if you would like to get creative and dye them yourself. I recommend dying more neutral colors yourself and if you have a very specific color for your wedding you can buy a few already dyed ones from Solo Wood Flowers.

This bride used her Sola wood flowers and added some real eucalyptus branches to create movement and dimension. I found a very similar bouquet of all real flowers for $128 on my local florist website. Whereas her bouquet was $45 with the kit+fresh together. And now she can either have her flowers forever or sell them to the next bride.

2.Your Dress. This is a touchy subject because most brides DREAM of their perfect dress and how they find it. But what if I told you that you can get both but... on a budget? The average price spent on a wedding dress according to the Knot 2019 is $1,650. And I don't know about you but that seems a bit high and some of that can be saved. One very great option is sample sales. A simple search of sample sales showed a HUGE discount on very expensive dresses. You can be in Vera without Vera pricing. Another option is custom. Often when people think of a custom wedding dress they see $$$ but in reality if you are in love with an expensive dress there is a seamstress near you that can make it for a discounted price. Last tip for wedding dresses. Sharing is caring. Did your sister or bestie have your dream dress before you could buy it? Most of the time it is just going into storage anyways. A great way to save is to ask to buy it. Usually at a great discount to where you can customize it to your wants and needs.

3.Your Venue. According to the Knott the average price spent on a venue is 12,250!!! I don't know about you but I see MAJOR saving to be had here. Here's the tricky part, what does the venue include? Tables, chairs, and sometimes even linens are often included in venues that a private home or church may not have. With that has anyone else ever drooled over the listing on Air-B-Nb? There are larger houses that can accommodate up to 150 people in the backyard and then when everything is all wrapped up and done you have a place to stay after the wedding, saving you on a hotel and limo!

Tip for looking for Airbnb's is to search the city you are looking to have your wedding in, add the date, and then put 16 guests. This allows you to look at homes that allow more guests than a regular home. Make sure you read the description and always message the host before booking.

4.Your Decor. Everything in this picture was either made or recycled from other weddings and I have to say this head table setting of maybe $40 is STUNNING! The bride made the Mr.&Mrs. sign from materials in her garage and then stickers from amazon. The wooden star was made by her and decorated with leftover decorations from Christmas. The lanterns were from her mother's house and Ross. And the candlesticks were on sale at Ross and then she spray painted the base of them to go with the colors of her wedding. The only thing this set up needs is time and a vision. Thankfully you know where you can look for inspiration? Pinterest!! Make you board Decide on your colors And CREATE There is nothing better than getting a compliment on something and instead of plugging a vendor you get to take ownership of that project. For my thrifty brides this is a WIN-WIN-WIN, you get to save, make, and reap the rewards. A Facebook group for San Diego Brides to buy and sell wedding decor at a discount.

Here's my favorite YouTube video on dollar store decorations that turned out simply beautiful.

5.Your Accessories. The saying something borrowed, blue, old, new should a thousand percent include something you got on sale. I know it doesn't rhyme but hey we are here for the savings with a capitol S. Let's start with the shoe's. I am going to be honest here I rarely see the brides shoe's unless its part of the charm like cowgirl boots or converse. Other than that just go with something simple, comfortable and found at the 75% off section at Macy's. Now there is a bit of controversy regarding the veil. Should you splurge or go simple because this is something everyone is going to see. Ladies there are YouTube videos after videos on how to convert your $13 veil on amazon to something you are excited to wear. The biggest part of this is how smooth it is. With cheaper veil's you tend to get them stiff and you want her flowing in the wind behind you not pulling an alfalfa while you say your vows. The trick that I have seen work is to soak it in fabric softener or conditioner to give the strands a more relaxed look. This is not I repeat not to be done the night before as some fabrics could turn colors but give yourself enough time to go get another one. And at the end of the day you only spent $13 if it did or didn't work. As always following the instructions and sitting down for five min. will insure the highest success rate. Here are the shoes in my photo, but if you search at Macy's website and then filter low to high there are so many amazing finds!

And a link to some less expensive bridal accessories and they have super cute shoe stickers.

TIll my next Wedding Day Rambling Bestie!!

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