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Marina Village

This stunning wedding at the Marina Village in San Diego was the perfect mix between simple and elegant.


Headed to a wedding and just a littttlleee stressed because you've never shot there before? Well Shake it off sweet thang I got you!

Having your wedding here but want to make the most of your photography?

Letsss DIVE IN!!

First things first. This venue does have multiple weddings during peak season. No duh right, wellll this can be a logistical problem if you start to inch into the next group. Staying on time for the ceremony is an ABSOLUTE MUST! You can always take your family photos later and take some time out of your open floor dancing. But you cannnnnot be so late you run into the next ceremony.

Now lets talk about the ceremony itself. Your personal traditions aside, lets just imagine an isle with your guest seated watching your beautiful wedding. Now lets say there's a mom or two there with a stroller? Obviously they are going to gravitate to the back of the isle so they are "out of the way." Both ceremony sites at the marina were designed to be large so that it is versatile for any bride. This translates to an open area without any where to hide "out of theme items."

You then end up with family and friends bags, strollers, your photographer/videographers equipment in your photos. There is only so much editing that can happen, you could just come with the expectation that you won't get any wide shots of the ceremony site.

UNLESS... you ask your coordinator to make sure that people leave their belongings in one specific place off to the side. You just don't want a "Littered" looking cite.

This specific wedding was running about 45 minute behind, leaving us with about 5 minutes left of sunlight for their couples photos.

Where this venue came in handy was that their indoor spaces are beautiful. They all have glass windows and modern dance floor. Even for brides that choose minimal arrangements and decor the overall venue is beautiful.

So even when it was completely dark outside we could still take stunning indoor couples photos.

The marina village really takes care of you and provides a seamless planning process. Butttttt do you still need a coordinator??

HEcK to the MOthrrr Ef Yes GIRL YES

It's like the one thing I highly Highly HIGHLY encourage you drop that coin on. At the very least

This bride hired @nanievents for the day of coordinating and when I say this wedding wouldn't have happened without her..... The table and chair rentals came separate so they had to be assembled, then decorated. There was soooo much work to create the small, elegant details this wedding had. There was absolutely no way that the bridal party would have been able to assemble all of the table on time. The difference in organization with the timeline when she got her hands on it was night and day.

This couple combined a ton of different traditions that could have been overlooked very easily without a coordinator.

Having a seamless, polished wedding is wellll worth the $$.

Yes, this venue offers the option for attendants. They are really nice, and extremely helpful.... When they know what they are doing. Without someone there with a master plan, this could have easily fallen apart.

THIS VENUE IS COMPLICATED!!! As I stated above and you probably already know this event space has multiple buildings. Stating exactly where your guests need to go is a MUST! Providing a map is a nice touch, even adding it to your wedding website will just give that extra touch.

Here's a little mock up to send to your guests. The names and locations of the buildings are accurate and customizable. Please use the link to use for your self!

Again this is were your coordinator will come in handy. They can get your guests on their way to your reception without getting lost.

Now for where to shoot some amazing photos!!

Along the water line, there are lights and palm trees to give you both the shore line and a more manicured look. In between the Seaside and captains buildings there is a terrace with hanging foliage from the top. Twinkle lights, leading lines, and a sunset shore line will make an amazing photo opportunity as you finish your session.

Both the south side and the north sector provide photo opportunities.


This is more docks and large trees to steel some shots near.

But if you are looking for a more neutral (less boat) focused area...


There is an area that is well maintained and has a couple of trees that provide some cover. This is for brides that want both looks.

You can give your couple a more diverse album if you have enough time to hit both places.

Luckily the venue is walkable and even the tallest heals won't make your feet scream if you walk the whole shore line.

Brides: Trusting your photographer to choose the right background is allwayysss the move. But knowing where you're heading ahead of time will make the transition between ceremony and reception more seamless.

Heading straight to your photos while your guest head to cocktail hour is usually what your timeline consists of. And getting away from guests who just want a photo "really fast" is a hEcK of a lot easier when you know where you are headed.

Now let's head inside!

There are a few pointers I have that will help you elevate your big day.

Even on a budget you want your wedding to look polished.

Here are a few ways to pinch some penny's with a cool look!


No more tips for you but if your a bride stick along with me for the last stretch of this journey!

The wood lining the halls creates a really creamy background for your dessert table.

Adding a twinkle light backdrop to it will add that Polished look for you.

At this point in the night if your photographer isn't using a flash/light... BE AFRAID. Adding the flash will make sure your photos art grainy.

The flash can create that vignette around your photo. And this can be broken up with beautiful lights behind your dessert details!!

Also this might be a little EXTRA buttt... alot of the halls at the marina have this ramp which is amazing for your guests that need wheel chair accessible walkways. Adding lights and some florals that keep your wedding on theme is a really nice touch!!

Talk to your florist or here's a link to an amazon purchase. Buying it your self is really inexpensive but don't forget to just ask. There may be one of your vendors that provide this at cost. People such as your florist, or decorator would be the people to text about adding these details.

Thank you all for reaching this point with me!

If you were impressed with the coordinator here's her Insta!

Interested in having your wedding at this venue?

Want to see more cute details from this wedding? There will be another blog coming soon!!

Peyton Burns

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