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Free Mood Board Template!!! I wanted to create something other photographers could use to send inspiration to their client with. Creating the perfect styled session can be completely overwhelming. But here's a quick template on #canva that you can customize and send within minutes! I tried to make it as easy as possible.

Step 1: You need an account on No Account no problem sign up using the link and come back here.

Step 2: Use this link to open up the TEMPLATE

Step 3: Click the button in the left hand corner that looks like a pencil, then push "use template"

Step 4: Start Customizing! If you have an account when you press "use template" you will be able to receive a copy saved to your Canva account!

Here is a completed mood board to draw inspiration from! This is for a wedding coordinator updated portraits.

I love to share pictures I have taken at a location with a couple but I don't like spamming them with individuals texts. I keep my tops locations ready to send to my guests.

Bonus if you send Tips and Tricks to them. Here is an example of what I would send.

I added bonus Mood Board Templates so that you had a ton of different options! Send this to your photographer if your a bride!! We love to see what you are envisioning.

This is another really simple Mood Board that you can use for any location! It even includes tips and tricks!

I hope these are helpful please let me know on Pinterest or Instagram @Photographyasyouwish

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