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Posing With Your Bridal Party

The ULTIMATE Guide to Bridal Photos

This is a journey read that includes how to pose, why you NEED these photos, and how to get varied poses in a time crunch.

I want to document your day for you and that includes all of the special people you choose to spend the day with. Before you choose your flowers you choose your bridal party. They were your biggest cheerleader during your wedding journey, and shared the biggest laughs at your side. There are three main poses you HAVE to get with the lucky choosen.


Your Bridal Party helping you primp and prepare is a sweet way to preserve these precious memories. Your Maid-of-honour helping with your necklace is another way to incorporate her without taking away the lacing of the dress of the Mother-in-Law, or the Veil for the Mother. Getting ready in custom robes with champagne is always a great addition to your album. The most instagramable moment in getting ready is a five minute quiet moment. This can be used to hype the bride for her walk down the isle, or a prayer for her new life with those who love her the most.

During the ceremony make sure to ask one bridesmaid before hand to hold your flowers. This pass off creates another photo moment. After you are facing your fiancé I highly recommend you ask the bridesmaid at the end of your procession to fix your veil and dress. With the remaining bridesmaids looking adoringly at you and you are settled and stunning this is a beautiful moment.

After the groom walks down the aisle make sure to shake hands or give a side hug facing the camera to maximize how many photos you get with each groomsmen.

Having planned activities to do with your bridal party before hand is how you maximize your photographic opportunities. Lighting your reception cigar or shot gunning a Corona Seltzer with you are examples of things to do together!

Group Photo's You Can't Miss

Yes of course you want the classic, everyone looking in camera, striking a pose. But what happens after that? Do we just move on to family photos? HECK TO THE NOO!! You walk? Walk? Yes, you have the bride, still in the center of your group photo start walking first. Then the bridesmaid on her right and left walk after her, followed by the bridesmaids to their side.

*Pro Tip* Having everyone give their full effort here will help make sure that you get your photo vision. A pep talk to your bridal party before the wedding will be key here. If there is one "camera shy" friend, they will stick out like a sore thumb.


You will need to give yourself about 30 minutes for these poses:

*I only used traditional names like bride and groom so that you can get an idea. We have all seen movies showing a bridal party or have been to a western wedding with two bridal parties, you can get the picture is all I am saying.

  1. Groom+Groomsmen (three different poses)

  2. Bride+Bridesmaid (three different poses)

  3. Groom+Bride+ Both bridal parties (three different poses)

  4. Bride+Individual photo with each bridesmaid

  5. Groom+Individual photo with each groomsmen

This is all assuming you have around 4/5 people max on each side of the bridal party.


Candids are the best ones in my opinion

The three poses all together don't take as much time as you would think if 2/3 are candids. You get everyone together posed in a classic flying V shape or all in a line, take your photo. Then, ask the bridal party to walk forward following the bride or groom. As they walk forward they can get into their next pose and I usually do a funny one like carrying the groom or funny faces with the bride. Just what ever the bridal parties personality are.

I am writing the blog for both brides and other photographers wanting some tips and tricks. So to make this tip versatile I just want to make sure and hit hard on COMMUNICATION here. If you as a bride know your party the best, talk to your photographer. As a photographer you need to be asking these sorts of questions so you are at least prepared for the fun that comes with each new bridal party.


Just incase you are anything like me and just skipped to the end.... Heres the tips and tricks I need you not to miss!!

  1. HAVE SOME FUNNNNN WITH IT- Candids are the best ones in my opinion

  2. Having everyone give their full effort here will help make sure that you get your photo vision.

  3. You will need to give yourself TIME! You choose these people to stand beside you on a really important day, give your photographer time to take photos with them!



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