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Tolman Media A Scam?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Long story short...They dismantled

Not before defrauding thousands of people of money!!!







Newly Booked Clients

Here's a direct link:

Does this happen often? Yes, this happens more than we would like to think. Here are 10 Ways to know if your photographer is faking it.

Tip #1 - Grab Your Contract

If you still have access to your contract please go download it now. This will allow you to know your rights and the terms and conditions. This will help when disputing it with your bank and for any potential litigation. This is not legal advice but just photographer to client advice now that this has happened. Here are screenshots of the general contract that are standard in every package. *these are not from your contract specifically

Hopefully it gives you an idea of what your rights are.

If your contract is no longer available to access...

Ask your photographer if they have a copy!

It may be in your email. "your proposal" is usually the header for the email you would have received.

Ask you coordinator and see if they have it ready and available.

If this was included in your package at your venue you should be communicating this with them.

Tip #2 - Will there be anyone at the wedding?

From the news breaking to the wedding, do not assume anyone will be at the wedding to photograph or film. Don't stress! I just want you to have the facts and work from there. Now you can do what you probably would have done if you haven't hired the media group and hop on facebook and google. Before you do this though, try and see if the photographer assigned to you on your day isn't still available.

If your photographer is still available there are a few things you should be aware of.

One you may not be getting your photography at the price that you were originally going to pay. That being said, the photographer that was assigned was also left with a hole in their calandar they might be more willing to cut you a deal than if you were to contact someone outside the situation. Just be in close communication with the photographer you have to see what they were hoping would happen as well.

This bigger price tag also comes with a ton more benefits such as a more personal touch that you may not have been receiving with the media group.

This all applies to your video and dj as well if you booked them with the package. If either one is not available ask to see if they have any suggestions. More then likely they will be able to help you explore your options.

Tip #3 - Random bits of advice

DO be upfront about your budget before you start your booking process.

These cost more->

  1. Additional photos Copy write Watermark

  2. Additional Photographer Style Guides

  3. Additional Hours Engagement Session

  4. Audio Several Camera Angles

  5. Delivery Time

  6. Additional Videographer

  7. Multiple clips Full video Raws


My suggestion is just to find a reputable videographer, you don't want to have to sort through all the videos by hand.


I'm sorry this happened to you... Now lets turn lemons into lemonade and find you a new private videographer that one leave you HIGH AND DRY!

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