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Whispering Oaks Terrace, Outdoor Wedding

This wedding started with a lot of love and giggles as the girls got ready. Before heading to the first look we took some polaroid's and did a few twirls. The first look was held in the barn on the property providing the perfect seclusion for the couple. We then took photos of the bridal party, family, and friends. The ceremony was short and sweet followed by more photos and giggles. The bride and groom were Disney's the Lion King fans so I wanted to make sure and catch their easter eggs they left for us. The father daughter dance was the intro to the Lion King that was the perfect way to get the party started.

Photo and video:



Rental (sweetheart table and chairs): @rusticurbanevents



Coordinator: @misswiththeassist


I always love to be included in capturing the getting ready process. I think it rounds out your album to capture all the work that went into the long awaited trip down the aisle. Some time saving tips is to have your photographer come at the end of hair and makeup.

"The catch" I like to try and grab the action shots then one with the "catcher" and the bride/groom. This way you can make sure and remember who caught it.

Get action shots without too much movement is a great way to make sure everyone looks great. Have your bride spin or twirl her dress in front of her posed bridal party for a great shot for you and the videographer.

THIS is my favorite shot to get right now. It provides the most beautiful unique shots. By including all the florals you really showcase the brides vision and is a great shot for floral vendors.

Unplugged sign or not there are still members that will have their phones out. Its pretty unavoidable at this stage. I draw the line at iPads!! But sign or not please expect that there are still going to be guests that have to get "the shot."

Adorable!!^ This sign is so freakin perfect. I love the circle that will be their guest book and eventually on their mantle.

#nothingbundt cake was a perfect pace to grab photos of this couples rings. It was after the cake cutting and just made the perfect photo. Thank you @nothingbundtcakes!!!!

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