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Wild Gardens Picnics & Wilson Creek

HUGGGGEEE Shout out to Wilson Creek Winery to having some of THE best champagne!!

The first mistake I see people making when they go to spray their champagne on insta is choosing the wrong bottle!!

Let's just dive right into the tips and tricks because why wait?

Repeat after me...."Price does not matter." Its 100000% true when choosing the right bottle for your photos. There is 0 correlation between cheeper champagne and the most expensive when it comes to photographing them being tossed around. They all spray relatively the same.

SOOOOO...If not price then how do you choose the perfect bottle? First thing is the colors. If your models are in orange I wouldn't choose this beautiful bottle of rose from Wilson because its pink... Instead I would grab their Almond Champagne that is more of a chocolate brown and won't clash with your subjects.

Next, grab extras!!! You will need a few, I recommend at least two. This ensures if you don't get it the "first time" you can have them repeat it. Or... say you got it, the pic is perf, the back of the camera is screaming yaaaaasssssss girlllll.... STILL USE THE SECOND BOTTLE. Just change up the pose, give them some options, make it so that they defiantly love these photos. Especially if you are trying to "sell" the bottle. Choosing a bottle with a tag-gable winery will help boost you post when you go to show everyone. I typically try and get mine locally so my brides that choose this venue will see it!

Any additional bottles brought can be any cheeper champagne that are just being used as spray.

Its pretty obvious so don't come at me for thinking your stupid but use the bottle you are repping for posed photos where the bottle will be shown. Then swap the actual spray photo for a cheep throw away bottle.

Any drink your models/clients/couple/ are actually drinking should be something that tastes good. If you serve them the cheep one as well they will literally leave the session with a bad taste in their mouth.

OKAY, you have the perfect bottle, a few extras, and you know your clients will enjoy their experience.

Some extras to make sure and bring! GO ahead and just copy and paste this into your notes on what to bring to your session because it is ESSENTIAL.

  • At least one cup for photos

  • A hand towel

  • Baby wipes

  • Trash bag (can be a store plastic bag)

Yes you need the hand towel AND the baby wipes. The hand towel is to pat the face of those with makeup so they don't smear it off. But you need a wet wipe of some sort to get all the stickiness off hands. You also will need a trash bag for any of the plastic from the top of the bottle, the wipes, and I even throw in my towel so it doesn't go back into my dry bag.

The cups are optional but I have been caught slacking where I wish I would have just been prepared with at least one cup. So up to you but I highly recommend you do.

Dot love the pose?.... Switch it up!

Also Lets chat about where to have them actually point the bottle. Fair warning, the spray directly towards your camera WILL make you sticky with champagne and most likely get all over your camera if not properly covered. I personally love these shots more... But its more about the story your telling than personal preference. If you just have the one bottle and two minutes to get the shot have them spray it towards your camera. It will look cool be fun and def make memories. But if you are looking to show more pose, and the bottle off, plus you have a few minutes to make it look right, go for the spray off to the side. Not directly to the side but just slightly.


TAKE THE CORK OUT FIRST! You read that right, take the bl@@ping cork out first. Then with your clients thumb over 1/2 the top they can spray it. Don't believe me?!? Here are two photos to show yea what can happen if you don't heed my warning....


You will be just as scared culling your photos if you don't take the cork out. One last time so you have the peace of mind while driving home knowing you got the shot... Take the Cork Out!

I have also tried this with kids..... 2/10 wouldn't really recommend.

As you can see here above, not having your thumb over the top half as you shake means some might get on the people around you not just to the side.

Its really important that you constantly communicate to your guests about what is needed to get the photo.


Okay say your client is underage buttttt you still want to have some fun, make some memories, yadayada blah.... Bottom line you want to incorporate this look but without the Alcohol. (ooo this can even work with couples who obscene form alcohol beverages BONUS!) Don't, please for the love of everything, buy just regular bottles of sprite if they don't even drink sprite just because it fizzes. Ask ahead of time do a lil extra diggin and at least find out their fav soda if you are doing regular bottles of soda.

I got these two cuties being rebellious and one liking Pepsi and the other Coke... Scandalous hehe. I chose to drive down to my local shop and grab two glass bottles instead because I think they are much cuter to photograph.


Till next time,


(your friendly photographer)

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