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Coronado Cays Yacht Club Wedding

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

San Diego, California Wedding

Getting ready was made easy with a helpful bridal party. The bride showed off her reception dress which was a traditional western dress. Between her makeup and veil this bride was ready to meet her groom down the aisle. Before heading off she read a tear-jerking love note from her intended. Bangles on, bhindi centered, saris ironed the ladies were set to make their way to the Yacht Club.

Pre-Ceremony couples photos are the way to go! The groom had time to search for his name in the brides henna. She had intricate patterns that had his initials hidden between them. The florals at this wedding were to die for! With the orange and reds being vibrant, traditional colors. Signifying new beginnings the red will hopefully bring prosperity to this happy couple.

No train? No problem! Use the veil!

Your bridal party deserves to have fun too! Try one of these fun poses that are a break from the "traditional." I love to ask for the ladies best fake insta laugh and typically I get at least a few giggles that lead to real laughter. Getting movement isn't just for the bride. I try and have the group looking at the couple during movement or away from the camera so if one ends up looking away it doesn't ruin the photo.

WARNING!! This ceremony will make you cry! There was not a dry eye between the guests to the bride herself. Each family member brought a rose to the reserved chair in honour of the bride's late father. He had passed away only a year prior and was sorely missed. Having the remembrance chair, the charm for her bouquet, and a photo slideshow at the reception helped keep him apart of the wedding.

The Nikah ceremony was simple and blessed by the bride's brother in place of her late father. This beautiful contract will be a centerpiece in this couple's home. Having their family and friends witness the signing was beautiful and meaningful to both sides. I loved how rich this brides henna was while holding a locket hidden in her bouquet.

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