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Wedgewood at the Orchards

Wedgewood Weddings in Menifee Ca. The Orchards

Dancing the night away at the Wedgewood Orchard location was not difficult especially when you have such a fun couple!

Photos a little out of order but I promise it will be worth the scroll! Theres nothing to shy away from when your bride is expecting. This bride choose the perfect gown to get those dreamy maternity photos as well as photos that will last a lifetime (slightly hiding the bump). It was important for this bride to feel like one and when you are a mother its hard to have "your own" day. Luckily with so many family and friends there to keep watch, the day went off without a hitch. Well at least thats if you don't count forgetting the rings.... Yes, the groom forgot the rings. It was the classic mistake of loading the car the night before and then.... switching cars the morning of. It worked out though because we still got to take photos of the brides engagement ring thats let's just say "pin-able;)" ( I would want it as inspiration).

Something I thought was unique and really liked was the use of the gazebo at this wedding. It forced people away from the empty plates and over to the dance floor for the first dance. Then kept the party going because it was either dance or walk back and forth to the tent. I highly recommend it for smaller groups as it also keeps it feeling more intimate than a wide open dance floor.