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Why Close to 40% of Brides Have REGRETS

Have you ever seen a beautiful photo, well composed, stunning lighting, and the couple are the

cutest... BUT? But their from their head to their feet are just... well... AKWARD? I'll give you an example, When I first started photography I got my headshots done. I woke up early, did my hair, and my makeup professionally done. Super exited and optimistic I drove to the location and was hoping for the best. Armed with the fact that posing is my specialty and the photographer I hired was supposed to be as well the session started. Not ten minutes in she was putting me in the most uncomfortable positions insisting that I looked stunning and not to worry. I regretted not saying anything when I got my photos back. I looked terrible!! My well planned outfit... skewed. My hair behind my shoulders in EVERY picture. Being worried about how I was standing really showed through in each swipe to the next photo. Needless to say I was not happy.

But what does this have to do with your wedding? My headshots can and were re-done, your wedding can never be recreated!

I have made it my mission and goal since then to make sure anyone that steps in front of my camera feels confident that they truly look their best in each shot.

From head to toe, from veil to heal, Perfection!

And in these next few pages, I'm going to share with you as much value in my expertise in posing wedding couples. That way you can be sure you look your best and have no regrets for your special day.

So I decided to do some research

Sadly, a lot of photographers don’t understand that it’s not just about the the beautiful compositions, backdrops, and even moments. Though those are all important, it is an absolute necessity to be a master in the art of posing to ensure the bride and the groom look absolutely dazzling on the best day of their life.

And I came across this study that mentioned that close to 40% of brides had regrets when it came to their wedding photos.

“Wow!” I thought to myself.

I couldn’t believe that percentage was so high!

I started digging deeper to really

see the reasons why these brides we’re unhappy, and this is what I found…

1.“Our photographer got drunk, and you can see the photos in the gallery getting blurrier and blurrier as you scroll through.”

2. “He just really didn’t seem to know what he was doing!

He didn’t guide us during the portrait session and we we are just standing. They're awkwardly!”

3. “She only captured moments of my husband and I, but not of our close friends and loved ones.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg…

I take pride in my work, and after seeing almost half of brides out their being extremely unhappy with the results they were getting from other so called professional photographers, I couldn’t help but be extremely proud of what every single one of my couples have said about me.

Like Chris&Kristina who said, “She went above and beyond any expectations I could have set for my wedding photographer to get the photos she needed to get, she never hesitated to lay on t

he floor and get the perfect shot, she was calm and patient and made sure she captured every special moment during our day.”

It was such an amazing honor to give them and many others this experience.

How to Look Your Best In Your Wedding Portraits

Posing is an ART. But understandably it's an art that a lot of couples are nervous about. I am just here to capture your joy, love, and the little creases when you smile.

So if you happen to have a photographer who doesn't know how to pose you with expertise and intention, what are a few things you should remember?

Here are a few pointers. I call these THE FOUNDATION of posing:

  1. Imaginary String:

First off you want to ensure that your spine is straight, but NOT stiff and unnatural. I often ask my couples to act as if there is a string on the back/top of their head pull up. Have a straight spine and natural curve in you lumbar (lower back).

2. Shoulders:

Push your shoulders 1 inch back. This will further bring confidence and beauty in your pose.

3. Weight Distribution:

You want your weight distribution to be uneven or else your pose will look unnatural. There are two ways to do this. Either cross one leg over the other or put more weight on your back leg. Look at the photo below.

But what about posing the head,

eyes, and hands?

Or making sure you portraits look authentic and not "posed" or “cheesy"?

Remember these are just the "foundations". We'll go deeper into more techniques within the next few pages.

How to NOT Have


Wedding Portraits

Even though wedding portraits are posed... no one wants portraits that LOOK posed. The more candid and authentic your portraits look the BETTER.

Now there are tons of ways to ensure this... but just in case you have a photographer who doesn't know what he's doing, here's one of the MAIN tips you can do.

I call it the NOSE X-FACTOR.

So what is it?

Imagine you have an imaginary line coming out of the tip of your nose and eyes.


When posing with your fiancé you always want those imaginary lines crossing making an X. Meaning you never want to look directly in the eyes of each other for the portrait. Why?

It looks cheesy and fake.

So Instead of having my couples look at each other in the eyes, I'll have one of them turn their chin slightly to the side and down, and drop their eyes down. This give the portrait a more CANDID and AUTHENTIC touch.

So above is a version that is WRONG (that again I did not take btw lol)

Fake and Cheesy

Notice how the imaginary lines DO NOT cross and make an X. There is no "Nose X-Factor".

The truth is couples don't actually do this which is why it makes the portraits "look" posed... but photographers make couples do this ALL THE TIME!

Thank you for reading to the end. We are now besties frfr now. Don't forget to seal it with a pin! Till' the next wedding ramblings...

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